Europameisterschaften 2018
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31. August - 08. September 2018 - Sao Miguel/Azoren (Portugal)

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Veranstaltungsort: City of Lagoa, Sao Miguel Island
Located on the south coast of the island of S.Miguel, in the Azores Archipelago, the municipality of Lagoa develops east of Ponta Delgada, integrating the urban spot of expansion of this city, either by the landscape continuity of the settlement, or by the articulation of the macro road network with the network of roads, streets and paths. Lagoa is a young town with much leisure and sport. Recognised by the fantastic gastronomy, natural pools and pedestrian paths, not excluding the singular space of the Convent of the Franciscans. This municipality has a geographical area of 45.57km and consists of five parishes, namely, Agua de Paul, Cabouco, Our Lady of the Rosary, Ribeira Cha, Santa Cruz, with 14,416 inhabitants and a population density of 316.34 hab/Km2